Monday, August 31, 2009

Twilight Saga

Now I know the reason behind the Twilight Saga fanatics. They really are reasonable and rational in all of their ways.

It wasn’t long since I started to read the first among Stephenie Meyer’s obra maetras: Twilight. As far as my memory helps me, it was June when I started going over the pages and let the venom spread through my veins, unstoppable and irresistible. It wasn’t that very addicting at first. After finishing the first book and feeling satisfied, I was eager to know what happened next so I allowed myself to be changed more after New Moon. Swear, the break-up with Edward was something that made me miserable, too and at some point, made me cry if it happened to me, too. The new friendship with Jacob made me sensed the upcoming love triangle and I was just excited to hear all about the jealousies and choices that will be made. It was surely a good twist of the story. With every character perfect in my mind and because of my intense curiosity and cravings for the next part of the story, I took another step towards Eclipse and felt a slight hatred for Bella because she loved two people – well, not people – at the same time. It wasn’t fair, I thought, and she doesn’t deserve Edward. Though at the end, she chose Edward over her best friend, I wanted her to finish whatever special feelings she had for Jacob Black. Also, I was more than curious for her soon transformation. I wasn’t going to let the enthusiasm fade so after turning the last page of Eclipse, I was beginning the first of Breaking Dawn. I can’t and won’t put the book down.

Just last week, when exams were everywhere, I found my refuge in Breaking Dawn. I was there in the beautiful wedding, heard the bride’s and groom’s “I do’s”, I was also a part of their honeymoon, a part of Bella’s need to protect her ‘child’ and also a part of Edward’s and Jacob’s necessitate to see the girl they love living. I, too, was a witness to Bella’s transformation and new life and to the other new life that charmed everyone else, Renesmee. Reading about her made me feel her little hand holding my face.

This isn’t a review about the four books and doesn’t contain any spoiler that will surely bore you while reading the books. This is a thumbs-up for Meyer because surely, he made another world apart from us. There aren’t any doubts now for those perfect vampires and trustworthy werewolves. The imagination has come to life and I might say that Meyer crossed the line between fiction and non-fiction, easily convincing everyone that life isn’t just about humans but the super naturals, too. Most of all, Meyer had given every reader a taste of forever and how sweet that is. I, myself, am a witness to the last jeopardy the vampire clans faced. It was almost heart-breaking to witness how Edward and Bella’s irrevocable love might come to an end, after all, how all of the sacrifices might appear worth it but still ended. For a reader, (though I knew that Meyer must be dead by now if it wasn’t a happily ever after story), I will never stand to read that the two are destroyed even though un-separated.

Too bad there isn’t a fifth book. I’ll be glad to read about the Voulturi’s official end of supremacy. Yet very and already overly satisfied with the saga.

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