Friday, August 07, 2009

The Ulimate Birthday Wish

I thought about what I really want for my birthday. I know that it’s too far from now. I know that it’s still months from now but as a little child, my mom would say that the eighteenth birthday of a lady is supposed to be the most memorable. I am not looking forward to a big party which has dances, gowns and champagnes, but I am looking forward the privilege of asking my parents for a gift. After seventeen years, I haven’t asked them anything on my birthday. Now will be the only time.

First, I thought about my hobbies and my obsessions. I thought about asking them for an i-phone or an i-pod touch. I lingered on that wish until I realized that I want something handy or some things which I can just bring to school on ordinary days. I thought about a simple i-pod nano. Being still undecided, I thought about asking for a professional digital camera but upon realizing that I am no professional, I thought about a simple digital camera will do. Second, I thought about impossible gifts. A condominium unit, for instance, or a model car or a photo studio. Again, as I realized and distinguished reality from ambitions, I stopped asking them for one and decided to be really serious in my studies and just purchase one after finally calling myself successful.

Today, as I woke up from the week’s exhaustion, I saw a package in front of me. “To Cris Anne”, it says and it was wrapped in a gold paper with a black ribbon. The box was something of regular size but hindered my vision because it was too close when I woke up and as I opened it, I can’t believe it my very eyes. It was a digital camera, from someone anonymous. There are no traces of the one who gave it so I am not sure who that person is and I also have no clue about who might possibly give it to me. Only few people know what I want for my birthday. It’s still too big for a token of someone who cares. Until now, I can’t believe I already woke up. Everything still feels like a dream in the blue, a bubble to be pricked. My mom said, it was transported by LBC, some agency responsible for delivering packages but they are to keep the identity of the one who gave it. I am sure that it didn’t come from my parents since they will wait until October if ever they are planning to give me a present. August is still far from October. They can’t give me that thing this early. I am not in the mood for a logical thinking about who had given me that present. That person decided to be anonymous so I shouldn’t try figuring out that person’s identity but whoever he/she may be, may God bless him/her because that person made me really pleasurably surprised and very happy.

After a “dream come true”, I realized that it isn’t really the gift I wanted for my birthday. What I am dying to achieve day after day is to bring my mother back to the Church. I want her to be spiritually active again and to be fully dependent to our Creator. That is my ultimate birthday wish and I know that I’ll be happy to see it and very contented. No pictures from a digital camera and no music from an i-pod can bring me the satisfaction of seeing my mom singing songs of worship and praise and watching God work on her life. It’s not that I didn’t like the digital camera. Of course, I so much do, but I am also acknowledging the fact that really, the best things in life aren’t really things.

If ever that mystery person came from blog-o-sphere, I am expressing my deepest gratitude to you. I am so overwhelmed. May God bless you more and someday, I’ll bring back the joy you had given me. Thanks!


manik_reigun said...

wow, nice one! but the most impt thing is the priceless joy you've experienced. enjoy~!

Who is Ann said...

i was quite a bit older but was surprised on my birthday also with a n65 film camera with all the trimmings one year. It was a great gift. I now work with a digital nikon d50 but photography has changed me in so many ways. Thru it I met a man that i love and not in a boy girl way.I love his soul. id never truly done that before. I also am sked qite frequently to capture specail momments baptisms weddings etc. form my church. Something precious about capturing a once in a lifetime memory. I have a few photos on my blog but most are on my photobucket site.

Rhaingel said...


Thanks so much! It was really nice. Thanks for dropping by and for following :D

My camera is not for professionals, just for beginners. Haha. I am glad to know more about you. Wow. You seem to be really professional about the art :)