Sunday, September 06, 2009


…Then it occurred to me that I am seeing his face everywhere, very clearly, very magically yet entertaining.

He is in the clouds, his beauty surpasses the shining sun, and his smiles seem to chase all the storms away from what he defines as paradise. He is in the side of the road where I am walking, watching my every step, watching me drifting and slowly notice him. He is in my Math notes, distracting me from nauseating numbers and differential equations and inspiring me at the same time to catch up on him. He is on the water I am drinking, tickling my lips and quenching my needs. He is in my dreams, drowning me, pulling me and giving my life a new meaning and making everything appears like there is really some sense. He is between the stars and the full moon, surpassing both of them with the brightness in his eyes and the gravity of his irresistible smiles.

He is there with the fresh air I breathed this morning, providing me with a redirection, a fresh start, a peace in the inner restless me. He is with the running river flowing through the sea, providing life not only to me but to everyone close to his soul, enlivening them, flowing through the clogged veins of yesterday. He is in the most sparkling mist of the breaking dawn, signaling that the night is over and that brightness will soon sink in. He is with the fire between the charcoal and wood, providing heat and life to me who is frozen and cold before he came and touched my life. He is in the soil that continuously nourishes and supplies life to my withering leaves and stems and rotten fruit, allowing me to be radiant and shiny and full of life.

He is with the twisted g-clef of every music composition which came from my heart. He is in every song, in every line, in every falsetto of the depths of my desire. He is in between my fingers kissing the piano’s keyboard, trying to create a masterpiece out of depression and love. He is in my silence, the true music’s face and the emphasis in every living masterpiece. He is in my broken note which made the maestro raise his left eyebrow uncomfortably. He is in those silenced screams and hushed melodies, witnessing how bitter life sometimes treats me.

He is on my wounded heart, kissing every scratch, healing all the aches and changing the situation so I would hurt less. He is on my fiery soul, never leaving me alone when everyone seems to do so. He is there on my shoulders, comforting me when I have lost and failed, telling me it’s okay even though I don’t feel like it is. He is in my loud laughter, capturing another momentous minute of my life and holding the pieces back so I will have something to reminisce later on. He is there on my piercing tears, letting all the pieces flow so I would have nothing to hold back and hang around when I feel all alone. He is there at my shadows while I stand courageously at the light. He remains hidden and unnoticed in the dark shadows and later on, I’ll miss him though I feel his presence and I’ll miss him more because I see him in everything that exists and in everything that does not. He is there at my back when I was trying to stand for myself. He was waiting for the perfect moment so that he’ll carry me around and he’ll stand up for the both of us. He is there with my every breath, my every blink, my every pulse. He is in me and I am in him and we belong to each other.

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