Friday, October 16, 2009

Forgetting to Forget

I already forgot the taste of nostalgia
and the satisfaction of being his Bella
I already forgot how the pain usually feels
When I remember all our vows, all our deals

I can’t hear now his sweet cold voice
And how it unbalances me and ruins my poise
I can’t see now his charming little eyes
And how instantly it became my vice

Not anymore do I respond to his name
Not anymore do I play my part on his game
I do know by now what’s over is over
I do know by now that we can’t be together

Farewell to a second chance, farewell to him
My hate and pain already reached my brim
Though I can’t stand his million dollar smile
Can’t swim with his other girls, on his river Nile

But though I know what’s right and wrong
And even convinced everyone that I’ve moved on
Still I die everyday to the gloom and unbelief
That after everything, man, I still love him so deep

I never loved him less but loved him even more
During the time that we closed each other’s door
“Stop hoping, stop waiting”, that’s what my ego said
But my heart answered, “You really want me dead?”


cyndirellaz said...

great poem, i can actually relate here. you know the song "it only hurts when im breathing" by shania twain, pag ganyan ang nararandaman ko, i just listen to that song ^__^

Rhaingel said...


Hi! Thank you so much. Actually, believe it or not, I cannot relate to this poem though I am the author. I just put myself in the situation and imagine the worst case scenario. Seems like it's pretty convincing. Thanks for dropping by! :)