Friday, October 23, 2009


Three days of my almost three-week vacation just slipped by so easily, so swiftly, like sand on a child’s little hands. It still feels like I will be having an examination soon and I am just playing around so as to avoid too much pressure. It doesn’t feel like a normal vacation yet but I am so glad that my body is getting familiar to the new tentative schedule I have for myself – sleeping, eating, playing badminton and reading pocketbooks I received during my birthday.

The first three days was spent under pillows, rendering me a longer time to get some sleep and vivid dreams. Oh, how buoyant it is to finally have the rest and refuge that was not given to me for so long! No words can describe how perfect it is to wake up late with the sun already silhouetting the tallest of houses on our place, while I silently smile with the thought of my last dream. During mornings, on the other hand, the most productive thing that I am able to do is to read some novels which magnificence was always deprived of me during school days. Indeed, I am so excited to jail myself in between those words I really found interesting and most of the time, inspiring. Sometimes, beautiful stories can wait but an examination tomorrow causes all the hurry. It’s inevitable to sacrifice some of passion for a better future. Now, I am putting all those passion on the top of my list to accomplish.

This semester break, so far, is the most exciting one in a sense that I feel bored but still able to do what pleases me and what pleases the others too (i.e., watering my mother’s plants or enhancing photographs of others who already lost their voices in begging me please). How I wish that this won’t end yet... for I am glad that I am pleasing as many people as I want. It is such an uplifting feeling to try to be a blessing to others and to help them as much as I can. Unlike the other semester breaks I had, this one is not depressing and not wasted. I see each day as a unique and special one that is vital to redirect me for the upcoming semester, which seems like a very challenging one.

Perhaps, you can also ask why I don’t have so many posts this October when all the while, I am on a leave or a vacation. The truth is, I stopped pressuring myself to make blog posts for the sake of a large collection of writings. Now, I write because I need to unleash those thoughts that continuously burn my soul and not because I need to meet my quota of twenty posts per month. Sometimes I lose quality for the sake of quantity, like the more I write, the less I am able to express, that’s why I decided to write whenever I feel like spontaneous but not force those words to come out. Writing has never been my world, but it has always been my other world, the world which saves me often from the brink of despair.

Excitement fills all the minutes of my everyday. I am thrilled to think what will happen tomorrow or even later! The vacation package seemed to contain so many surprises which I cannot get enough of. Of course, I do expect some low points too, but that will just balance everything. I realized that the real essence of vacation is not to provide rest but to break all those boring routines in one’s life. I more than blessed and glad to finally have one after some exhausting time which felt like forever.


The Me/ The Wife/ The Mom said...

Enjoy your vacation! Revel in the unknown!

cyndirellaz said...

3 days of hiatus is okay no! wag lang tatagal ng 1 week, hehe! relax relax ka muna ^__^

Rhaingel said...

Thank you! I will! I surely will!

Okay lang din. haha. Sembreak naman :)