Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Lesson From Nature

It all seemed to be a typical Tuesday afternoon at first, but as soon as I realized that there isn’t any scheduled homework to do or lesson to understand, I realized that this is no typical Tuesday.

Tuesday, for Rhaingel the student, marks the official start of the week. During this day, I usually see myself getting ready for a busy week. Now is different. Since it is my vacation, I decided to do something different: to try to understand the pleasure my mom sees on gardening.

We don’t have a huge backyard to plant on. My mom keeps her plants in pots and puts them on our balcony for everyone to see. At first, I don’t know what drives her to water those plants regularly and even bought more for her to take care. I thought that the stress my sister and I are giving her is still tolerable for her so she resulted to buying potted plants and flowers. Eventually, those flowers bloomed and the plants got healthier… and my mom is happier more than ever.

I first volunteered to water her plants one afternoon, just last week. It was also the week when my mom is busy with her works and other stuff that concerns our family. So I thought that it was the perfect timing and somehow, it was. Days passed by and I became more idle and everyone just seemed to be busier. So chores are on me. I continued watering the plants but because the past days are very boring that they drive me really insane, I decided to do additional work and try to apply what I learned in my Home Economics classes. I tried to find the shovel and rake but the rake won’t show up. So I just used the shovel to “play” on the soil – to bury the withered leaves I just finished picking up and allow the plant to finally breathe on its roots. I got so many scratches, particularly on the thorny stems of the flowers, but I felt that I am part of the nature and the nature is a part of me, a very special one.

I found peace - or should I say, simplicity, the one which I always take for granted thinking that life in the city with the street lights and air pollution makes me grow. Then I saw the flowers budding, starting to bloom, and beginning to wave hello to the world which is often too complicated for such a delicate petal. After I saw how magically the elements of the earth nourishes something magnificent, I forgot all the scratches from those thorns, for they are nothing compared to the beauty of this planet. How I wish that my mom saw all her hard work for those plants. It will surely make her happy.

A part of me wishes that it’s vacation forever. I am thankful and privileged for the knowledge that I do receive everyday but at some point, it changes me into someone sophisticated, someone who is not originally me. I guess a vacation doesn’t just mean a rest from school works but can also mean a rest from that someone you are pushed to be and allows you to see the beauty of that someone you used to be, originally and without all the pressure and chaos that shapes a person, eventually.

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