Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What You Missed I

After almost a month of my un-blogging, I don’t know where to start. I missed writing about the latest so that left me with topics highlighted on my history. First, the Ondoy-typhoon which left every Filipino scared and concerned about what's next. Second, my 18th birthday and lastly, the last week of my first semester in my second year in college.

So many things happened since then. There are so many changes which made me quite doubtful, so many surprises that caught me off my guard and so many projections that I cannot wait to experience.

Though the anticipation of the future happenings leaves me restless and nothing but excited, this space in the net should contain a chronicle about what happened while I chose to remain silent in the blog-o-sphere. Not that I have nothing sensible to say. It’s just that some things cannot be contained on a word or two and some feelings cannot be inscribed in black or blue. I tried to write a poem that somehow summarizes everything I missed but then, for the longest run, words failed to satisfy me.

It was Friday night, the 25th of September when I heard the weather forecaster informing us that we shall have a rainy weekend. It was okay for me then since I only have plans of staying at home the whole weekend and reviewing for an upcoming Physics exam. I woke up the next day, feeling like the night did not pass at all. It was dark and cold and dull outside. It was raining so hard that I can hardly hear my beating heart. There were flashes of lights that tear the calmness of the gray sky. It was frightening to wake up at 10 in the morning and witness everything while you were expecting a somewhat bright and shiny morning. I immediately turned on the television and saw how the typhoon washed Marikina City while I was sleeping and dreaming. Kind of unfair. Is that what the forecaster termed as "a rainy weekend"?

Unlike other typhoons, Ondoy lasted quite long. It was Monday and classes were suspended. I saw it as an additional time to review and rest and a longer time to hug my pillow tight. Meanwhile, the typhoon also implies that my party, scheduled that Friday, October 2, will be a swimming party. Argh. A flood-swimming party. Because of the typhoon, people will have some valid excuses why they would not attend my 18th birthday. Saddening, that is, but considering safety, a Friday night swimming party is not so appropriate amidst some storm if you don’t want to cough and sniff while swimming.

As a Filipino student who is fortunate enough not to lose anything while the storm is ongoing, I can only hope and pray that the victims will soon find refuge and move on with their life with a fresh start no matter how history felt to them. Oh, the horror, to see the people crying because of losing and to see them swimming, holding on for their dear lives. The typhoon is not only a signal of a class suspended. It also tells me that there are people grieving and losing everything they once had, that not everyone is as fortunate as I am. It’s scary how everything changed in an overnight, how perfectly fine you are in the morning reading some novels or singing in the shower and after a life-changing-minute, everything’s lost and nothing appears as how it first appeared.

Currently, Philippines is trying to recover from the wrath of nature. Everything happens for a reason, after all, so maybe, there is a hidden lesson behind all of these – lessons which are still vague but will reveal itself in the perfect time. For now, prayers for a better situation is the least that I can offer.


Catch said...

your posts are so heart felt. so real and sincere... the background sound was a plus factor as well. keep on blogging. belated happy 18th birthday...


Rhaingel said...


My readers are my inspiration. Thanks for reading :)