Saturday, May 01, 2010

On Teaching and Learning

It’s a week since I started teaching in Sage Review Group. Sage is a review centre which helps students to pass various college entrance examinations. At first, I must admit that I was just concentrated in being employed this summer and earning some sufficient money. I just don’t want to spend it slacking around especially now that I won’t be spending it on school. But little by little, I was seeing the beauty of what I was doing. Little by little, I was focusing more on what the students are learning even though it’s more than of what’s ask from me.

Way back three years ago, it was I who was sitting in those chairs, faced with a pen and a notebook, hoping that somehow, Sage Review Group will help me achieve my dreams. “Bringing your dreams... a step closer to you...” is the motto of Sage. I was once aspiring to pass the UPCAT, like the students I am teaching now, and it makes me shiver to realize that a large part of their future is in my hands. I was also once sitting in those chairs, thinking about what’s ahead of me and wondering about my tomorrow. I was very uncertain that time. I didn’t have plans. I didn’t have back-up plans. I know what I want yet I am not sure how to achieve all those. I was giving my entire trust to the knowledge I gained from elementary, high school and from Sage. I want to pass UPCAT that time, and a part of me was saying that she will never forgive me if I didn’t.

Really, it is no joke to be a teacher. I can only relate now that I had a little experience. I am admiring more today those teachers who were really able to teach me well, because I already know how difficult it is to make everyone understand the lesson’s point. It takes both skill and passion to be able to teach well. A teacher should be hardworking and knows what she/he is teaching, yes, but more than that, a teacher should be filled with the passion to impart her knowledge but just enough to leave her students hungrier for more knowledge. I realized, over the past week, that a teacher is supposed to be in love with what she/he is teaching in order to teach students not only the lesson but the importance of the lesson. More than passing the UPCAT, I want my students to know the importance of working hard for a word problem even if it isn’t so realistic. I want my students to learn, to think, to not give up easily because this is the real lesson behind every book and every examination.

I still have two weeks in Sage, two weeks to really give my best in every learning session that I am to handle. I still have two weeks to make the students realize that it’s not about passing the UPCAT alone, it’s also about finding the joy in learning. Sage is not just about bringing your dreams a step closer to you, but it is also about making you realize what these dreams really are, for many students still don’t know what they want in their lives. I still have fourteen days to encourage and help them improve in whatever weakness they have. I have two weeks to give them the advices which worked for me, and the advices which I failed to heed three years ago.
I wish, I can inspire them... as much as my teachers were able to inspire me so much.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back in the blog-o-sphere! This is an inspirational post. I think you are an inspiration!
Keep up the good work!
rabies warrior

Rhaingel said...

^ Thanks. I was on a leave again. :)
You are also an inspiration to everyone :)