Sunday, May 22, 2011

How Have You Been

How have you been? I ask the similar question to myself. It was more than six months when I last blogged something vague and unusual, not really explaining what’s going on with my life, and receiving comments which ask me about what happened to my writing. Well, I was and am okay. I can’t say that I was really busy because I clearly remember those times when I slack around and took this blog for granted. Now, I am trying to make it up for this little place.

First, I edited the description of myself in the little sidebar on the right. I am now nineteen. I already lost the privilege of saying aloud that I am sixteen and is actively updating this blog every week. I am now nineteen with the same doubts and fears I had when I was sixteen. I am now nineteen with higher expectations from people around me. I am now nineteen, as confused as ever.

Second, I am now on my fourth and final year in college. I am both thrilled and tired, and I do not have the slightest idea on how it could be. I am thrilled that finally, I will be graduating from school. I know that I should make the most of learning this year and not think about leaving school finally but after the endless nights of proving nothing and too many powerful mornings of eternal yawning, the thought that I’m finally graduating is too sweet to ignore and too spicy to think about often. I am also thrilled to think about the final subjects that I will be taking. Majority of those subjects are related to the thesis that I am currently working on so it’s nice to study something which screams its usefulness.

Third, I am done with Sage. Sage is a review center which admits incoming senior high school students and helps them pass the challenging college entrance examinations. As my memory allows me to recall, I made a post last year telling the blog-o-sphere about recent developments about Sage. This summer, I again committed myself to Sage. I was an Algebra teacher, a brand that I love to call myself. I had so much fun with the Sage experience this year, as well as last year, and that makes me nostalgic this early. This is my last year in teaching there and I will miss making and checking Math problems. I will miss communicating with students and trying to answer all of the ambiguities that they believed in. I will miss the Sage experience and every little lesson and fun that it gave me.

Lastly, I am up to so many things right now. As I mentioned, I am currently working on my Mathematical paper. Aside from that, I am currently inclined to digital photography. I love the way every simple things magically turn special when captured by the lens. I love the way I look fine when I smile even though gazillion of things are running in my mind. Aside from those things, I am also trying to commit myself to writing again. I do not know why in particular. I just realized that everything moved so swiftly when I abandoned my pen and paper, and I feel sorry for the times worthy of a blog post but then the feeling is not as intense and real as it was before and so I cannot write about it at the moment. I want to commit myself to writing again because this is my other world, the one who listens to all my boredom and ranting. This little space catches all my happy thoughts and stores it so that I can read them some time, when I forgot the things that matter and cannot anymore remember how it feels to be really happy. This reminds me of the melancholic times too and tells me again and again that I can get through anything that is happening in and with my life.

Till next post, blog-o-sphere! I am back, hopefully!


Catch said...

funny how we are all going back into blgging. just yesterday, i started to blog again. i had to diss out my old blog because i wanted to start fresh - start anew. well, goodluck to us! cheers!

Rhaingel said...

Maybe blogging for us, grew as something even greater than a hobby! Good luck to you! Good luck to us! :)

Noreen Dye said...

I love digital. Check out my blog. I have a few on there. Good to see you back.